OMG J'MULAN Is So Overated !

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That’s my fortune for you

Mean while scrolling down my TL @kelz2dope lol

I don’t have to prove I’m moving I know I’m booming.

Always felt like my vision been bigger than the bigger picture.🍹 (at 7th Flats)

Of course shit go down when it’s a million dollars on the elevator

Realest shit I ever seen

Working at the Pyramids

P R I V Y (at Mary Switzer Washington,D.C)

Sneak Peak BTS|
Wanna be on Top ?
Mua| @tajthemua
Hairstylist| @indiaindyav
Hair Provider | @mosaicpremiumhair
Stylist | @xojaynedo (at National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution)

No Sleep #Notlazyanymore
Love my gift @yokamille

Yard fest with my boy @caseyveggies

My good friend @djmoney #BlackBottleBoys

Chilling with my baby @ellevarner 💓

I ain’t got no type

DC native

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