OMG J'MULAN Is So Overated !

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So let pain give you growth, love give optimism, and fear no emotion at all.


He’s not holding me down he’s holding me back right now..

Heard ya from the hood you rep that thang or nah.

#fewarefamous models working the #rawhouston art showcase accompanied by photographer @noceilingz


Love my stink @londenelise

Mention other boys you get insecure already.

hip to the game

Earn everything owe no one.

She just wanna party she don’t wanna hurt nobody.

👏👏 the realist ever posted .
What ya mama look like though always talking bout how much y’all love y’all mamas

She’s everything @nickiminaj 💕

Is it Wednesday yet !
#fewarefamous model @_foreverkyra kills the Photoshoot with @photographer713

Working on Easter.
My nigga @kirkobangz713 and @bgcaysia


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