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He can’t leave me alone cause I drive his body crazy . #privyhouston

Young Moguls

Privyhouston tonight with a fashion God @ryanxtaylor @londenelise 👥

Kill people with kindness today they won’t know how to react.

Tonight | New Location | Positive Vibes | Great atmosphere | Stimulating Conversation | Good Food | Best Music | Indoor Cigars | Music
Come Kick it with us tonight at Privy

Join Us This Friday at our New and Improved Location #Privy
Can’t wait till y’all see the Gold Room 😬

#AvantGarden x #Privy


Outings with the team #privyhouston

Rain rain go away .

I use to have a problem where if I felt like somebody is doing me dirty I would just shut down. A lot of that has to deal with the way I’ve been treated. I have grown to realize you have to give people a far chance to show you who they are then past judgement. You can lose a lot of relationships when your not secure within yourself. Trust is a key factor even though it’s hard to do.

You don’t have to call it’s okay boy.

I just want somebody to smoke with me bae
laugh with me bae
lay with me bae
I just want the simple things.

Give you the business #bosslifecigars

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